Underground Racing 233.88 mph World Record Half Mile @ WannaGoFast Florida

We would like to send out a very special Thank You to Bob Helms for once again choosing Underground Racing to build him yet another monster Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. On January 24th at WannaGoFast Florida we were able to dominate the competition and set a new record with Bob's TT Gallardo at 233.88 mph. The undisputed time to beat prior to this event was Cody's Underground Racing TT LP570 2R at 224 mph. Prior to the 224 mph run, Cody had also held the best MPH at 217 at the Houston Texas 1/2 mile. We were able to pick up nearly 10 mph from Cody's 2R best in Bob's X Series setup.

Also, we would like to thank John Reed Racing (MoTeC), Proline Racing Engines, Precision Turbo (Best turbo's on the planet) and our staff!

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Underground Racing Makes The World's First Twin Turbo Huracán!

Lamborghini has once again raised the bar with the creation of the Huracán LP 610-4. Hidden behind the new astonishing look of this Lamborghini lies a plethora of new technology. Technology like the AWD system that features an electronically controlled front differential similar to the Aventador, electro-mechanical power steering (EPS), dynamic steering (LDS), V10 engine configuration similar to the Gallardo featuring dual injection, launch control and a 7 Speed LDF dual-clutch transmission. These new features combined with the high definition instrument displays and perfected interior make for an exciting and fun video game like drive every time you get in the driver's seat.

Now, how do you make such an amazing car even better? Easy, just add Underground!

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Underground Racing invades the Shift Sector CA event. (New world record)


We want to congratulate Stacy Barnett for winning the classes he participated in at the Shift Sector race event last weekend in California. Until this event, I don't believe Stacy had ever even driven a Gallardo. The Underground Racing TT 2R Gallardo was delivered to California Saturday morning, and he made his first ever passes starting with a couple of 1/2 track pulls to feel the car out and made one full pass Saturday at 215 mph! That was on a lower power setting, and that was all for Saturday. On Sunday the guys started easing some more power in it for Stacy to get the feel of the higher boost levels. There was a lot of tire spinning and aborted runs, but he got one good pass in today and set a new world record at 224.99 mph in the 1/2 mile! And the car was never put on full kill! Stacy did an incredible job at the event, and his Gallardo was on street tires (Toyo R888's). ;)

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Cody's 1500+whp Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini LP570-4


On May 11, 2013 at the Houston Half Mile event, Cody and his Street Legal 2011 Underground Racing 1500whp Twin Turbo Lamborghini LP570-4 broke the previous Standing Half Mile World Record by over 5mph. On street tires, Cody accelerated from 0mph to 217.1mph in only a 1/2 mile.

The previous record was held by a Ford GT that ran 212mph. This is the same Ford GT also set the record at 267 in the full mile. The most impressive thing about this is that the Underground Racing TT Gallardo is a full weight street car.

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Underground Racing 1200HP Twin Turbo Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
will be featured in the HRE Performance Wheels Booth.

Underground Racing 1200WHP Twin Turbo Audi R8 GT
will be featured in the Nitto Tires Booth.

Underground Racing 1200HP Twin Turbo Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder
will be featured in the Mobil 1 Booth.

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Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo
8 Second 1/4 Mile World Record Pass

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First, I would like to say thanks to Ray "Peak Completions" Hofman for letting Underground Racing build him yet another monster. Also, I want to thank the Underground Racing Team for building such a bad ass street car and the fastest and quickest Lamborghini Gallardo, by far, anywhere. John Reed did a great job as usual with his Motec setup and KC with dyno and track side tuning. With our marketing team busy gearing up for TI and SEMA there wasn't much time to spare for putting together a video like we usually do, so we came up with this short teaser. Watch out for the full track video and more info to be released about this Superleggera build coming soon.

This Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera was built to be a street car and also to run the standing mile. Ray said, "Do ANYTHING...

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Underground Racing is proud to release the first Twin Turbo Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. Our team was very eager to get started with an Aventador project since it was first released from Lamborghini. Once this Aventador made it to Underground, we quickly began to engineer the TT system and full build for this amazing platform. Countless hours of R&D and hard work went into this project. We spent a lot of time driving and studying the inner workings of the Aventador, and this platform is amazing, but it still seemed to be missing something- acceleration. The kind you can only get from a friend I call, BOOST!

No doubt the Aventador is much more advanced than the Murcielago and even the LP Gallardo. It seems that the factory really tried to make it hard for the aftermarket world to modify the Aventadors though. However, the Underground Racing team moved quickly through the road blocks that exist. For now, the UR TT Aventadors will only be released with FULL engine builds. Through our research, we have found certain conditions that make this a requirement.

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Underground Racing LP1000 will be FEATURED in the Nitto Tire Booth #40029

NEW VIDEO: Underground Racing Twin Turbo Ferrari 458 Italia vs 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Bobby - 2011 Lamborghini Twin-Turbo LP570-4
Lamborghini Miami/Brazil - 2011 Lamborghini Twin-Turbo LP570 Superleggera
Jeffrey - 2006 Lamborghini Twin-Turbo Gallardo SE
Mario - 2009 Lamborghini Twin-Turbo LP560
Richard - 2008 Lamborghini Twin-Turbo Gallardo Superleggera
Robert H - 2005 Lamborghini Twin-Turbo Gallardo
Ron C - 2005 Lamborghini Twin-Turbo Gallardo

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We have just launched our newest division of Underground Racing, Underground Racing Motors LLC. Our New and Pre-Owned exotic vehicle sales site can now be found at We are now able to bring our full line of exotic cars directly to your computer.

In the market for a new Twin Turbo Lamborghini or a Ferrari 458? We have these, and many other great vehicles, in stock and ready for purchase.

Can't find the car you're looking for? Put us to work locating your next exotic car by using our "Car Finder" form. This form allows you to thoroughly inform us of your interests and expectations for your perfect car.

Do you currently have an exotic vehicle that you'd like to sell or trade? We might buy it or place it on our site to help you sell it. Either way, this is the last place you'll need to go to get your exotic car sold....

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